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Explore the mysterious space station with your own avatar

2040WORLD: become a part of the new reality
Control your avatar to explore a mysterious space station, fight with other players, create goods and sell them at auction, earn from the time playing, and much more!

Beside different specializations, avatars of different classes have several inventory slots. Their contents are automatically sent to the player's warehouse after the avatar's death

2040WORLD is a play & earn gaming universe where everyone can make money on time spent playing.

You create an avatar — your own digital copy — and enter the game world. Explore a huge mysterious space station, complete quests from Corporations, eliminate dangerous creatures and mine resources. Produce goods from these resources and sell them at auction to other players for tokens. Each player chooses what to do in the game and how to earn!

2040WORLD has plenty of options for players, both during the game and when you don’t play it. While at the station, avatars can mine resources, hunt, take up quests and engage in PVP battles. In-between gaming sessions, players can participate in the auction, manage their factories and track their account progress. Each player chooses their own game playing style.

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