Age of Tanks

Age of Tanks

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Age of Tanks is a 3D turn-based strategy game, where gamers build and command their fleet of tanks to storm the battlefields in their quest to conquer Earth Zero.

The game starts with a free basic tank for players to scavenge for Brodiums, the precious element fused from the 2nd Impact, a crucial raw material for building the supreme tanks.

Play as CHAMPION of the Earth for free that can be fully customized, upgraded and eventually equipped with powerful items that can lead your tanks to victory in the battlefield.

Scavenge, Collect, Forge and Assemble FOUR parts to build the ultimate war machine!

More than 500 parts, each possess with different affinities, skills, classes, and special abilities.

All tank parts have their own strengths and weakness, making every battle different. Mix and assemble to develop the perfect teams of tanks with infinite strategic possibilities.

Game Modes:
Brodium is the in-game resource that can be farmed by playing PVE campaign. Brodium earned can be used to unlock various rarity mysterious warchest to obtain critical tank parts for assembling war tanks!

Showcase your tanks and skills in the 1v1 or 7v7 arenas to climb the ladders and win Warchests. The higher a gamer ranks, the better the rewards out of the Warchests. Top gamers will also be rewarded at the end of a season with scarce NFTs and $AOT tokens.

Join a guild and fight beside each other to raid other guilds on earth zero to earn special guild rewards.

With true ownerships of your tanks, are you ready to
Assemble, Outwit, Triumph?

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