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AI Arena

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AI Arena is a breakthrough gaming experience where humans collect, train and battle AI powered characters in PvP platform fighting game.

In the AI Arena - Gaming Competition, Gamers can purchase, train and battle AI-enabled NFTs in a PvP fighting game.

Game Style - AI Arena is a platform fighting game, where the objective is to knock your opponent off of a platform.

How to Play - First, you train your NFT character through Imitation Learning, where the AI learns to play the game by copying your actions. When you feel your character is ready to fight, you submit the NFT into the arena to compete in Ranked Battle. Your NFT then fights autonomously against opponents near its skill level.

The Objective -The objective of the game is to train the most powerful AI NFT, climb the global leaderboard, and earn rewards in our native token called Neurons or $NRN.

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