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AIZA World is a NFT cross-platform game of the new shooter coordinates with extremely fun and exciting gameplay. If the gunners were once fascinated with the legendary shoot movement, hunting "Chicken" on AIZA will give a new and honest game experience along with owning more than 100 types of pets, equipments, weapons Extremely strange and accompanied by a beautiful and vivid attack effect.

Have fun and achieve your dream, profits at the same time
by participating in Aiza World Races & items in NFT are waiting for you to discover!

In Aiza World, the voice of the community is the key to driving our development.

Aiza World is a GamyFi series that utilizes the latest blockchain instruments of Play-to-Earn, Loan-to-Play, NFT, and will implement a balanced two token (financial and non-financial) tokenomics. Aiza World is aimed to ensure fairness, open opportunities in both financial and also non-financial values for players, investors, lenders, borrowers and crypto-lovers who believe in the revolution of the metaverse.

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