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Aqua Farm

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Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG game based on blockchain technology with a play-to-earn structure.
It is built on Polygon blockchain network, based on Ethereum Layer 2.
Aqua Farm will be released on both Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as PC.

Players will get to navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World where they and
their Aree will grow stronger together as they explore, survive and fight through various adventures and quests.
As the players’ Aree grow stronger, more difficult quests and dungeons as well as
more lucrative rewards will become available.

Players will be able to earn Power Of Deep Ocean (PODO) tokens through various gameplays which
they can then use to farm and stake to earn Aree Shards (AES) tokens.
AES tokens then can be used to purchase Aree NFTs and Guardian NFTs to help with their gameplay.

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