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First, select an empty field from the farm page and stake the ASTR. The more ASTR you stake, the more seeds you will plant. Also, the longer the lock period, the higher the APY.

The crop grows according to the specified lock period. The crops that can be harvested differ depending on the lock period, and there are 3 types of each. Only one type of crop can be harvested in one field, and the yield per species is random from 1 to 5. In addition, there is a certain probability that all crops will be eaten by insects in each field.

At the end of the lock period, harvest the crop. Look into the fields to see how many crops you have harvested and move to the warehouse.You can choose to stake the ASTR again from the post-harvest field and plant the seeds or unstake.

Crops in the warehouse can be sold in the market. The selling price varies depending on the type of crop.

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