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Real-time basketball multiplayer with immersive gameplay & digital assets

Basketballverse is a P2E 3D multiplayer basketball metaverse with a powerful RPG element. It encourages billions of basketball enthusiasts worldwide to build their metaverse basketball career by developing an NFT basketball avatar, managing their own club or arena, building a fanbase, attracting sponsorship, and earning a real income.

Think NBA2K – the kind of game in which you can control your avatar but with the real-world advantages of being able to participate in club and arena management. The main difference: there are no NBA stars to control. Here, the baller is the star who builds his or her own metaverse basketball career through gameplay, attracting sponsorship and building a fanbase. As in real-world basketball, you can earn an actual living from it.

Get paid for game wins, player salaries, sponsorship and branding deals, merch sales, ad space and rankings.

Upskill your avatar with coaching from real-world ballers such as Mo Bamba

More than just gaming, Basketballverse’s earning and learning potential means this could become the way you live.

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