Block Farm Club

Block Farm Club

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The Real Play to Earn Experience
Block farm club is a game that brings innovation together with the blockchain. With this you will be able to play and receive tokens, energy, creatures, plants and gems within the game. These can be traded on and off the platform. Daily quests can be accomplished with the use of energy, you have a daily amount of energy to use and farm others, helping your companions and receiving gems and bonuses for achievement at the end of the mission completion.

Why Play Block Farm Club
Creatures, pets, plants and seeds can be managed using energy, water, food, buffs and debuffs in-game. These cannot be exchanged, they are items for use by each personal account.

Gems and tokens can be exchanged for each other within the platform, Tokens for gems, the tokens come out of your wallet and you receive gems, and gems earned in-game from quests, battle, daily and rewards can be exchanged for tokens and withdrawn from platform at any time you want.

The farm system was created so you can play in an easy, intuitive and fun way, needing seeds or plants, water and waiting time to generate prizes in gems, your gameplay and ability to perform tasks in the specified time, will result in more or less prize gems. you can also delete your farm in any situation or as you wish.

NFT Support:Yes

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