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Cat's World is an innovative P2E game with a powerful and robust economic system. We took some brilliant games on the market as references, such as Farmers World, BinaryX, CryptoMines or so. With serious studying the advantages and disadvantages of these past games and training our own models, we’ve taken enough lessons and built a healthier and more stable economic system to make the game have a long-term possibility instead of falling into a death spiral quickly after a short-term explosion.

we aim to become the next leading game in the BSC ecosystem. When we designed our in-game economic model, our team prioritized investors’ risk. Our token economic mechanism is reliable and innovative. We have tested and trained our model in the professional software (if you know MATLAB) for a long time, and we believe it will give the players a wonderful investing experience.

As we know, one of the important reasons that makes a game fail is that the development teams always tend to compete with players. They reserve a large number of tokens and dump them without any notification. Yet we don't incentivize ourselves this way. The only way to gain the tokens before the game launch is to buy the Genesis token’s boxes. You could regard this event as our IDO. We do not distribute our tokens in any other way. Our team will only reserve a small number of tokens that are used to add the initial LP pools.

In the Cat's World design, our players are the biggest beneficiary. Our team only earns from the cheap market transaction fees/tax, which means we are tightly bound with the volume of our game. We can gain more incentives only if the game grows healthily.

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