Claw Machine

Claw Machine

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Welcome to the exciting world of our wonderful animal friends! Today, you'll get to experience their daily lives firsthand. Join us and meet these adorable, active, and cool creatures! Play the captivating Claw Machine and collect a variety of animals, peek into their daily routines, and discover their charming stories!

Simple Gameplay!

Master the controls by moving the stick and lowering the claw to grab the desired items! Capsules may contain animal friends or other surprises, so let's grab some prizes!

Collect Animal Friends!

Unlock a range of animal friends from the Claw Machine! Duplicate animals can be merged to discover more animal friends. Each machine offers unique concept costumes for all the different creatures, so hurry up and explore the diverse personalities of our animal friends!

Dive Into Their Daily Stories!

Play games and read captivating comics that depict the daily lives of your animal friends. Stay connected with them through gameplay and witness their stories unfold. Get ready to delve into their captivating adventures right away!

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