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CropBytes is a crypto farming game that was launched in 2018 and has been growing ever since. Today it is one of the few Crypto games to be available on Android, iOS and web.

The game is built with a sustainable economy and our players love the farming and strategic business challenges to play and grow their crypto farm. In this virtual farm, players grow crops, raise animals and produce goods to build their crypto farm and own crypto coins.

CropBytes has created real value for gamers around the world in the form of virtual currency. We believe that second life gaming will be a source of income for millions of people on the metaverse.

250K players worldwide | 100k+ downloads | 4.2* Avg store ratings

Since CropBytes focuses on the core value of strong economics, there is stability in the in-game market. This is unlike other games that are more focused on building hype. The CropBytes market has gone through multiple market cycles refining the economics and bringing stability. Players have invested and grown their crypto farms with us even though there was a global bear run in the crypto market.

It is a game of business where anyone can play and grow their crypto farms
The game has a virtual economy that replicates the real world.
CropBytes has the best in-game economics, which has helped grow the economy despite the bear run.
CropBytes features an in-game marketplace for game assets that makes it easy to trade. The NFT marketplace will be launched in the near future.
CropBytes is the first crypto game on iOS, Android & web

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