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Crypto Unicorns is a collection of games in the "Crypto Unicorns Universe", which includes a very sophisticated economy. The underpinnings of Crypto Unicorns is a farming simulation, but the game has evolved to much more than that. In the base game, players purchase Land represented as an NFT and can activate it once they’ve acquired a Unicorn (egg, baby or adult) NFT. From that point on they are free to customize and make use of the land as they see fit. Farming is a very deep puzzle game where strategy of play is key. The game has evolved over the year to have a high-level of skill and away from just a click-click-click game.

Additionally, the game has several other games added to the collection:

Farming Gameplay -
A player’s farm is their “home on the range” within the Unicorn Multiverse. It’s a completely customizable plot of land with up to 8 farm slots for harvesting berries and other important crafting materials. Many people don’t know this but Unicorns love berries! As players collect materials they can invest in building upgrades to further enhance and boost their production.

Jousting: Players can battle other players on a 1:1 jousting tournament where the best corn wins. The game allows a player to breed and enter their best unicorn and stats + RNG determines the outcome. May the best breeder win!!

Arcade: The game includes a set of arcade games that can be played on mobile and tied back to their collection. These games are quick and easy to play for any age of player.

Shadowcorns: The newest installment is an evil race of unicorns that battle the cute farm unicorns. This is a setup to an entire suite of games to be introduced in 2024 around the Shadowcorn Wars!!

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