Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved

Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved

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CryptoFights is an RPG combat game where you compete against friends and foes in a D&D-inspired fantasy world.

Customize your build! Cast spells! Combat with weapons or your bare fists! Collect free NFT weapons & armor every time you win!

Easy to play. Easy to win. Easy to earn. We couldn't tell you how CryptoFights pulls it off, but let's just say we know a thing or two about blockchain magic!

Now Available
» Token Marketplace
» World Expansion
» New Warrior Hub
» New Bosses

Coming Soon
» NFT Marketplace
» Crafting & Enchanting
» Gods Leaderboard & AFK Rewards
» Portal Charging & AFK Rewards
» Ascension

Collect materials. Craft & enchant weapons and armor. Build never before seen NFT's.
Receive AFK Rewards for portal charging & ranking on the Gods Leaderboard!
All items currently owned or earned can be crafted, enchanted, dismantled, or sold on the NFT Marketplace!

We're a veteran web3 game that operates 100% on the blockchain!

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