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100% Success Rate:

Guaranteed to get a Reward

True Rarity Upgrades:

Upgrading NFT from i.e. Rare to Epic i.e. 100 Mints in Combination with Upgrade + Fusion ensures the best possible Hideout


Morphing NFTs to a different Type, unlike in other games where you need up to 50 NFTs to create the best Fleet/Crew, etc. in our Game you only need 7, but the right Type. To compensate for this, we created Fusion.

Node Ecosystem:

Dynamic Staking Model with the ability to get the initial Investment back. Tailored with the best Incentives for active Players, capturing Traders alike with competitive Rewards, we aim for Small and Big Investors. The Majority of Node Systems Cross-Chain, never repay the initial investment. At the lowest Tier and with a 1% daily Reward our APY stands at 2.000%.

NFT Support:Yes

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