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CryptoMonkey Empire is a MMO-RTS (Massively
Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy, like Clash of Clan, Guns of Glory...) where the main ingame resource is a cryptocurrency.
Currently in alpha, it will be cross-playable between desktop and compatible
mobile devices.

CME is about ruling monkeys so you can build an
Empire. To do so, you will have to collect resources,
build up a city, make technological progress (require ingame mintable NFTs),
raise an army and attack other players to loot their
resources, making you even stronger.
One resource, the MonkeyCoin, is a cryptocurrency,
meaning you’re going to compete and loot each
other an ingame resource that has a real value.
CME also include a Battleground, set in a large scale Third Person Shooter where you can control and fight with your troops against mighty mutants and earn rare and powerful NFTs, as well as defeated players resources.
Play without ads. Powered by Unreal Engine 4.

NFT Support:Yes

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