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Continuation to the Teaser (Fortune)
Cryptopia has elements of tycoon games and RPGs. It starts with an unsustainable world in which an unfair financial system unhinges society. A group of people decides to restart society, using blockchain technology. Differences on their perspectives created the four factions. Players have to choose a faction with goals that align to their own goals.

Faction influence plays an important role in Cryptopia. The stronger your faction, the better the bonuses and the lesser the penalties. For instance, the Eco faction gets more productive at lower carbon emission levels. Being near the Industrial faction impacts the effectiveness of Eco players directly.

Within this world-level dynamic, players try to reach their own goals. As with any serious game, you can play any way you want. You can be a real Tycoon and invest in land, resources, production facilities, real estate and so on. You can also play as an Adventurer and take on jobs, specialize in a profession and earn an income. You can become a crafter selling precious and rare tools. You can go into the breeding business: capturing companions and cross breed these for a profit. If you like PvP, you can use these companions in PvP battles: train them to become more powerful. Or, if you are lazy and like to be bad: you can rob other players and become a pirate. It is really up to you how you want to spend time in Cryptopia!

Cryptopia is fair from an economical standpoint. We allow everyone to play and earn. We aim for people that have the means and want to spend. At the same time, we also aim for people who don't have the means or don't want to spend (again, very important for web2 gamers who want to test the blockchain waters). We have two playstyles that cater to each group, and, very unique, complement each other.

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