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Cyberpop New World (CPW) is a 3D MMO-ARPG with a AAA quality presentation, providing a feast for your eyes and senses. At the starting point of the journey, players will enter a near-future society filled with highly developed digital and biological technologies. As the foundation of this world, we have integrated popular features and visual aesthetics of Cyberpop. Unlike Cyberpunk, this world leaves players feeling adventurous, positive and hopeful. Therefore, we call it Cyberpop instead of Cyberpunk. Players will have a virtual identity in CPW. They can explore, combat, socialize and even create the world. It's not just a Cyberpop world, but also a real world. The reason why this world is real lies in its Metagame elements: the whole game is trying to break the fourth wall. For example, all NPCs in CPW allow players to live out their fantasies. Therefore, players can act out all kinds of fantasies and become whoever they want to be in the world of CPW. Players can explore many different cyberspaces which are all connected in CPW, from the desolate Wasteland to the MagicPunk with the visual aesthetics of "Dune”. We have prepared infinite possibilities for players who want to experience a different life in another reality.

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