Dawn Of Gods

Dawn Of Gods

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Dawn of Gods revolves around the holy-war battle between humans, gods, goddesses and the evils to bring back peace to human lands.

Dawn of Gods not only provides a standard click-to-earn game play, but also implements multiple features, which are carefully researched to enable players to explore and enjoy the game. We aim to give players the best experience by creating a fun and competitive gaming environment, while still providing one of the best revenue models for players to earn.

Dawn of Gods is also the first game that introduces the Gas compensation model for the player. Users now are less worried about running out of gas fee and cannot play the game anymore while playing Dawn of Gods

Game mechanism:
- Oracle when minting heroes: The cost to mint one hero is always 210$
- Reverse oracle when claiming reward: Reward will be stored in BUSD and converted to DAGO at the time of claim => No risk of people claiming early to dump the coin
- Payback period: 7-20 days depending on hero rank and luckiness

NFT Support:Yes

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