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Derby Stars is a horse racing metaverse game where players can breed, grow, build and trade.
Players can train their horses over a long period of time through the in-game training system, and race against other players using the stats, talents and skills of each horse.
During this process, players can feed the horse with special food to awaken its hidden abilities, and feeding can also level up player’s horses.
If a horse wins the first place in the race, the player can earn lots of rewards, and horses with numerous championship history will serve as excellent stallions in breeding.

Derby Stars is oriented towards Play To Earn.
All players can acquire Governance Token and Utility Token through various activities in the game. Even people who don't own a horse can monetize through in-game Scholarship Programs.
Examples of Play-to-Earn mechanics of Derby Stars include:
⊙ Monetization of horse training.
⊙ Monetization via participation in various Tournament Races.
⊙ Obtain a new foal NFT through breeding.
⊙ Monetization via the role of stallion in breeding.
⊙ Obtain Common, Rare Horse through breeding and sell them on marketplace.
⊙ Lend your horses to other players and share the profits from the horse's activities.

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