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Dine Together

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Dine Together (the “Game” or “Dine”) is a restaurant game for you food lover out there.
Start small in the middle of the wood with cute furry staffs and make your way up to become the best restaurant in the world.

The Game is a combination of the restaurant management and interior decoration genres. You will hire the best “Chefs” and cook the most delicious dishes to serve your diners while decorating your restaurant with beautiful interiors. You can also visit other players' restaurants and interact with them to help each other grow.

In addition, by integrating the blockchain technology, items that you receive in the Game such as "Chefs", “Furniture” pieces, "Card" or “Lands” will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be completely owned by you. You can easily trade such NFTs with other players and make a profit, one special trait of the Game that we call “Play and Earn”.

NFT Support:Yes

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