DogeVille Pack

DogeVille Pack

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Enter DogeVille, a future play-to-earn pixel art gaming metaverse on Immutable X with 10,000 NFT characters known as the DogeVille Pack.

There will be two versions of the DogeVille game available to the public. The first will be a mini-game, then the release of the full version (Main Game) will follow.

The mini-game is going to be the first release in the DogeVille gameplay series. Presented as a top-view car race game, the mini-game is designed to give every player a driver seat adrenaline hit from a high-speed car chase experience.

What you will find in this game are highspeed chases, hit and-runs, police chases, wrecks, drugs, and more.
The idea is to have a simple yet exciting gaming experience in preparation for a wholesome primary gameplay experience.

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