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DoRac is a Play and Earn MMORPG with its own native tokens. Raise, breed, train your dogs and race to victory
The Game

DoRac is a metaverse crypto play and earn game that offers players a way, as a user or even just a visitor, to earn and participate in the metaverse. From buying or raising your own dogs, breeding and training them to perform better, wining races, competitions and more. As a company, we want to provide our users with a engaging, entertaining metaverse experience, where they can explore have fun and earn money along the way.

Our Native Token $DORC
Our Native Token DORC is DEFLATIONARY and built on Binance smart chain, you can use it to participate in races, training and feeding your dogs,or use it for any other amazing services we have planned for your dogs. You can read more about tokenomics in our whitepaper.

Utility Token $DRT
This token will serve as free race or daily $DRT race reward and will be mostly used in combination with $DORC token to cover breeding fees, and will also be used to partly pay for other services and consumables in the DoRac metaverse.

NFT Support:Yes

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