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A strategic roguelike deck-building game.
Dracoo's card arrangement achieves the limitless possibilities of real-time multiplayer online competitive games in your adventure to the Sacred Peak.

PVE Adventure
Challenge adventures to the Sacred Peak with roguelike elements and upgrade your Dracoo team. Play with a vast deck of cards and limitless possible deck builds.

PVP Arena
Challenge other adventurers in the Arena and collect valuable DRA tokens from Arena leaderboards.

Participate in adventures to upgrade the level of Dracoo and strengthen your Dracoo by BAS token.

Breed your dream Dracoo! Dracoos could breed offspring via the Dracoo Point, baby Dracoos will inherit part of characteristics from their mothers.

Get your first Dracoo and start fighting!
You need to have at least three Dracoos to start the game in Dracoo Master. You could get it in various ways :
(1).purchasing on NFT market
(2).purchase from other players
(3).purchase Dracoo eggs.

NFT Support:Yes

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