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Dragons Valley

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For a very long time, humans have considered dragons as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and sacredness.
However, despite several efforts, they are nowhere to be found. Still, legends have it that there exists a place where dragons have resided for centuries, called Dragons Valley.
There, the Dragons and the Goblins broke out into a war that lasted hundreds of years. To bring this to an end, the Dragon Oracle seek help from one of the strongest dragon warriors - Kylia (The Elder One) and manage to defeat the Goblins King Carasipa and get it under a magic seal.

Three thousand years have passed since then, and the power of the magic seal has faded away, thus releasing the Goblins back into the valley. The goblin king and his servants are planning to invade the land of Dragons once again. Become an excellent dragon trainer, evolve your Dragons, help defeat the Goblin, return peace to the Dragons Valley, and receive the rewards from Snag - Treasure Keeper.

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