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Eclipse Quest

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Eclipse Quest is an action dungeon crawler NFT game where players aim to conquer dungeons, collect material, build up characters, and beat the game challenges.

Eclipse Quest is a Action-Adventure, dungeon crawler NFT Game driven by a philosophy "fun-to-play, fun-to-collect, fun-to-earn" where players will explore dungeon, discover rarer equipment, build up characters, and earn even more!

In the world of Eclipse Quest, there are lives across the continent living in diversity with many races, many cultures, and many beliefs. However, something secretly devours their peace and changes their world forever. The unnatural power widens from mysterious dungeons, which are discovered when the sun and the moon collide.

They call it "Eclipse Dungeons". For those who dare to conquer it, wealth and power await.

Strangely, some have empowered marvelous power upon the day and some have empowered upon the night.

For decades, the continent was divided into two factions;
the Solaris Empire and the Kingdom of Lunaria

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