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Empire Duels

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Empire Duels is a multi-chain blockchain game that lets you experience the thrill of building and growing your own business in a competitive, value-based economy. With a focus on trade, production, and investment, players will have to use their strategic thinking and business savvy to navigate the challenges of the market and emerge as a successful entrepreneur. As a member of a family, you'll have the chance to expand by trading with other players and eventually owning a part of your family's business. Using a value-based economy, you'll have to master the core-loop of production, trade, and investment in order to grow your empire and become a dominant player on the market.

The only token used in the game is EDL (Empire Coin) - its unique position as the only token used in the game gives it a strong foundation for success. As such, Empire Coin could potentially see significant appreciation in value as the game becomes more popular and the economy grows.

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