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Build ⚔️ Raid 🏆 Conquer the ladder | F2P mobile ARPG x Base-Builder in development | Enter the world of Shatterlands, compete in Events | Join the Community!

Raid real players. Defend your island. Grow your power to save the Shatterlands.

Strategic base building meets heart-pounding raiding in this epic adventure.

Craft your unique playstyle in Fableborne: build, raid, upgrade, and wield more power!

Make your island impenetrable by building up its defences, and control your squad of Heroes in epic raids to invade your opponent’s island.

Challenge yourself to find the strongest defence strategy, adapt your tactics, upgrade your squad of Heroes, and save the Shatterlands.

Fableborne is a unique combination of strategic base building with fast paced, high intensity ARPG raiding.

We believe most multiplayer games are too hard to master without a significant time investment. Fableborne is a competitive game everyone can enjoy in short, snackable sessions; without sacrificing its mastery depth.

Take the form of Heroes to save the Shatterlands. Venture into battle with your squad of Heroes, raid islands, earn valuable rewards and become stronger. The Shatterlands needs you!

Purchasing Heroes is not a requirement to play the game. We believe in a free-to-play economy where every player has the opportunity to gain Heroes through their well-earned progression.

Own your Heroes and their progression. We believe the time players spend in the game also counts as an investment that they should own. As a competitive game we need to balance buying power and this will be accounted for in the game’s design

Together, we will shape the future of Fableborne. We believe in a game development team that’s deeply connected with the community as you’re also Fableborne experts. Listening to you is an important step in defining Fableborne’s roadmap and designing the game

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