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Foresee The Game is a turn-based competitive mental web3 game, in which players rely on their prediction, anticipation and strategy skills to get their opponent on the ropes and beat them in a nail-biting competition of minds!

Similar to rock-paper-scissors, both players select an action to perform, and then the outcome is revealed. So it's like that classic game of mind reading, but more more complex, dramatic and exclusive to web3!

Players have special traits that get damaged if hit by an opponent- Mind, Body and Soul. Before the game starts, players select which one of their traits is weak, and which one is strong. The remaining one is normal.

During the turn, players can select to do one of the following actions: Attack, Blessing and Predict.

Both players start with the same base damage that they can hit their opponent with. Select which opponent's trait to attack. The goal for you is to figure out the traits strengths of your opponent to get an upper hand while keeping yours unknown

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