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GLOBULA is a Geolocation-Based Positive-Sum Game with Augmented Reality. Combining the real world player experience, enigmatic story and multiplayer mobile role playing strategy.

You will take part in the exploration and development of the world of Globula, discovered by a team of scientists that lost any hope to make it within the confines of academia, and who have found a place in several private research labs around the world. Their many years of effort in the field of temporal energy research have paid off, resulting in the discovery of the world of Globula, which until recently had little overlap with the world we know. This incredible world exists in the familiar space around us and consists of energy and matter virtually invisible without special hardware and software. All these technical and software tools are successfully combined in a smartphone with the Globula app installed in it. Thanks to such a successful combination, you will be able to:

- Collect, mine, store and swap energy and resources
- Hunt strange entities in the Globula world
- Craft items required for expansion
- Build your own geolocation units
- Develop abilities (skills)
- Trade items from your collectibles and products on marketplace
- Join guilds and corporations
- Create your own location-based quests

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