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Gridcraft Network is an established Play & Earn gaming metaverse platform for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices that has been active since 2019. Gridcraft Network is produced by Gridcraft Studios, a game studio made up of game developers, level designers, and 3D modelers with an extensive collective resume in both multiplayer game creation and NFTs. Our mission is to use our deep experience with game design and operation to create actually fun and engaging content to introduce and make positive to players the concept of web3 gaming and Play & Earn.

Gridcraft Network is compatible on Minecraft, the popular multiplayer game platform, and developed by Gridcraft Studios. As of now, we have no affiliation with Mojang or Microsoft.

Gridcraft Network is not only made up of Grid City and Grid gaming experiences, but also extensive experiences created in collaboration with prominent partners. The current model other metaverse platform projects use of leaving game design and development fully up to independent NFT projects has proven unsustainble: players will join for the novelty, but quickly leave due to lack of true substance and fun gaming experiences. On Gridcraft Network, each partnered NFT project works hand in hand with the Gridcraft Studios team to utilize our experience and execute unique visions themed towards partnered communities and with benefits for Partnered NFT holders. Despite overwhelming interest, we’ve limited partner slots to give the greatest attention to our earliest supporters and believers.

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