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Homie Wars

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Homie Wars is a free-to-play and free-to-earn battle-to-earn battle royale play-to-earn game that features unique NFTs all wrapped up in a browser-based metaverse (the Homieverse). Various game modes include:

• The Daily Golden Ticket Race: a battle royale event that can host up to 1,000 participants, and offers one massive prize pool to a single event winner, that anyone can particpate in free of charge (no need to hold the token or an NFT).

• Private Competitions: host your own battles and races with your friends or other online competitors, with an innovative wagering system.

• Plus more unique gaming opportunities coming to the Homieverse in future updates.

In addition to a token with utility in holding, investors can mint NFTs of player skins, land, etc.

This fun and unique game is inspired by the console hit: Fall Guys, and looks to be one of the most promising P2E games of 2022. Innovative tokenomics structure, the free-to-play aspect, and the addictiveness of simply playing and watching this game are unmatched by competitors.

Visit: https://homiewars.com/ to test the early alpha version of the game now, and await the highly anticipated full alpha release coming soon!

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