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House of Boxing is an officially licensed boxing manager game, that aims to become the go-to game to elevate the enjoyment of live boxing.

Boxing is one of the few sports that there is a massive untapped digital fanbase (+220M digital fans globally) that are already playing either manager or fantasy sport games.

House of Boxing aims to fill that gap that other sport games already cover (such as F1 Fantasy, PFL, UFC Fantasy, etc.)
House of Boxing is a holistic game where fans can engage and be rewarded for their fandom. It is composed by three main pillars:

• Manage: Train, fight, and level-up your boxer on a daily basis.
• Compete: Use the coins to predict real fights happening every week globally.
• Win: Get ranked in the Weekly Tournaments, depending on your predictions of real-world fights, win exclusive in-game assets, cash, or experiences.

The House of Boxing Collection is officially licensed and features the largest names in boxing, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Ricky Hatton, among others.

This Collection is used in the form of Boosters (non-fungible tokens), which are an in-game asset that boosts your predictions and gives you access to the Pro Tournaments where you can earn amazing rewards!

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