Infinity Realms

Infinity Realms

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Infinity Realms is an open-world sandbox MMO where you can fight mobs, gather resources, loot the open worlds, and create real estate that improves other players' experiences.

Infinity Realms will eventually feature 15+ different worlds. Each world has its own stories, challenges, rewards, and building zones. As a player you will be able to move across worlds and level up as you go.

- Web3: Play-to-own integration and robust NFT utility
- Scalable: 1,000+ concurrent players per server
- Social: Open world, location-based voice chat
- RPG: Harvesting, combat, crafting, and levelling
- Metaverse: Immersive creation, shopping, and events
- Multiverse: 15 worlds designed around different themes

NFT Support:Yes

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