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THE #1 PVP TRADING GAME. The platform increases your trading skills without risking it all on an exchange. IOI ecosystem includes gaming, trading, and staking.

• The first gamified crypto game where users play against each other.
• $5,000 paid off every month in the free games!
• A virtual crypto portfolio is used as a fuel for cars.
• Integrated TradingView indicators help users to pick the best possible coin mix and increase the chance of winning.
• Crypto performance data feed is pulled in real-time from exchanges to make the game fair equal.
• A racer with the best performing coins is the winner.
• The more you play, the better rewards you get.
• Holding 1,000 IOI Tokens - 10 % from dividend pool.
• Holding 10,000 IOI Tokens - 90 % from dividend pool.
• Become a pro a get lifetime dividends from IOI-game.

• Play the game as a trader, trade as a gamer.
• Trading pool up to 36% APY.
• Gate to trading features and analytics.
• Binary options soon.
• Free trading signals soon.

• Nitro wallet- store your asset here, and keep it under full control.
• Gain staking up to 24% p.a.
• Cars as NFT staking coming soon


IOI token supply-
• Total supply: 100,000,000
• Private public sale: 30,000,000
• Team with the time lock: 20,000,000
• Rewards for players/ stakers: 50,000,000
• Plan to burn up to 60 % of the supply in the coming 4 years

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