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Isekaiverse is using its original Anime TV series, “Mystic Reign”, a unique franchise, as the foundation for everything else we are doing. It is our goal to become a globally recognized brand not only in the Web 3 space but also outside in the real world with our Anime series streaming on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. We have plans to feature a full gaming ecosystem, from a real-time strategy battle game to a NFT land game, allowing you to own part of our Isekai Island. The team wants to make sure that everyone can relate to the characters whether they are gamers, or an Anime lover.

The gaming ecosystem will include games of various genres, each incorporating the lore of the Mystic Reign IP. As part of our plan, we are also developing mobile versions of our games utilizing microtransactions to use for our ecosystem. This will incorporate an in-app purchase feature for non-crypto players, which is necessary as 90% of the world is not in Web 3…… yet! Merchandise, music cosplayers, collectibles, concerts, events, conventions and more will be great avenues of revenue and marketing opportunities here at Isekaiverse

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