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IslandSwap is a combination of DeFi and GameFi protocol.
It is a game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of NFTs, and it all plays out seamlessly in a unique immersive experience.
IslandSwap is governed by ISL, a fairly launched tokens without any private or public sale.

Islandmeta is a multi-chain DeFi+GameFi ecosystem designed by players, DAO and game developer. With its extreme freedom, various types of games can be experienced here. You can use differents heroes to swap islands as well as to be in PVP, PVE battles for living resources, including the one and only ISL token.

Islandmeta is a chaotic but inclusive metaverse. The type of heroes, vehicles and weapons, output of resources and even the difficulty to defeat the Boss, the formation of a league can be voted by the members of DAO. The game developer only helps you to achieve everything since you are the decision-maker.

You can explore the most favorable way to survive this world as a cowboy, a Jedi master, a wizard, an Orc, an astronaut, even a skeleton or an egg. All your imagination can come true as long as DAO passes your proposal.

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