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Jackpot Universe

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Welcome to Jackpot Universe ($JUNI) - crypto's most adrenaline pumping protocol offering investors a one-of-a-kind experience within our innovative ecosystem.
It begins with a simple proposition: be the last person to purchase within the given timeframe - win a massive 5 figure jackpot.
Easy enough, right? Absolutely not.
Jackpot Universe is a battlefield pitting "Pot Protectors" against those who are brave enough to take their chance at being the person crowned champion, walking away with a large sum of money all to themselves. Should the Pot Protectors fulfill their duty until the Jackpot has reached it's 100,000 USD capacity, they will reward the entire community with a 50,000 USD buyback with which the bought back supply will be burned, providing an ever-growing token price. But this is only the beginning of the opportunity...

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