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In our Metaworld, the epic squad RPG gameplay is combined with NFT elements. That's where a new trend of quality GameFi is born. The leading rule of Junkineering is to bring a fun game first.

Collect and build your robot team, and harness their unique powers to your advantage. Send them to battles against other players and powerful storyline bosses. Loot and progress in order to create the greatest robot team available.

With a strong tokenomy and NFT component, Junkineering offers multiple opportunities for player earning and in-game progress.
Main Features:
🚀 High-end graphics
🚀 Adapting to the mobile gaming market
🚀 Play-and-Earn mechanics
🚀 Lootboxes with NFT-assets
🚀 Global world contribution
🚀 PVP & PVE battle modes
🚀 Treasury-based sustainable web3 economy

The game is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2023. Before that, Junkineering will pass the stages of Open MVP Beta, NFT Sale, Seed Rounds, and big marketing campaigns.

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