Kart Racing League

Kart Racing League

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Kart Racing League is a play-to-earn kart racing game similar to Axie Infinity, but features engaging Mario Kart-style gameplay with 3D NFT characters. These characters can be evolved, which creates a new NFT with an upgraded look and attributes (like speed, acceleration, etc.).

The game lets players face-off online in intense multiplayer racing, across brilliant tracks, collecting power-ups and speed boosts along the way and earning EoC and KRL tokens! KRL tokens are currently in pre-sale, and these are the governance tokens for the game similar to Axie's AXS shards.
The 3D NFT Racer characters are required to play the game and are currently on sale now at:

Kart Racing League consists of "seasons" that last for roughly 10 weeks. These seasons introduce a new race track, along with a new chapter in the game's storyline and massive KRL token prize pools to be won.

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