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KHOSMIUM is a AAA play to earn video game based on a fantasy universe, which combines the best of the RPG - RTS - MOBA genres, taking you into its own METAVERSE in PvE and PvP modes.
Fight 3vs3 or 5vs5 in the MOBA mode.

As part of the Khosmium community players will:

- Be part of a huge fun playing community with its own prosperous and rewarding economy.

- Enjoy participating in great battles and engaging in interpersonal combat with other players or the environment.

- Love exploring, farming and developing new and unexplored lands.

- Own and develop their digital assets (NFTs) through game-play.

- Be able to increase the rarity and value of their NFTs by merging them.

- Be able to change, improve or make a profit on their NFTs by dealing in the marketplace and thus enhancing their gaming experience and the value of their user account.

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