KLAYDICE : DICAST Rules of Chaos

KLAYDICE : DICAST Rules of Chaos

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KLAYDICE is a project that connects the rapidly growing virtual worlds (P2E games, SNS, metaverse, etc.) into one world using the KLAYDICE NFT.

The number of downloads has reached 1.2 million and the number of users by 1 million. KLAYDICE is an instant growth system game in the AOS (LOL) genre that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or gender based on a traditional board game with little cultural bias.

A simple, fast-paced, mix of strategy and randomness!
Not an ordinary monopoly-type classic board game.
An RPG board game you never played before.
Instead of selling and buying properties, attack the opponent! Roll the dice, attack your opponent to drain their HP, and win the match!

Combine your Hero with the powerful Base to find the best winning strategy! Set up your deck with Special cards to unleash amazing strategies!

RULE THE CHAOS Discover dice cards to control your destiny! Decide where Hero to land and plan the moves strategically. The fate of the game lies in your hands!

New Heroes, Bases, skins, and special cards will be regularly released!
Monster Jack Mode - Team up with 3 players to hunt the giant monster!
Hero Jack Mode – 4 vs. 4 team battle!
And more new content and events will be added!

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