Legends of Aragon

Legends of Aragon

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Legends of Aragon is the first NFT Play to Earn web 3.0 adventure and strategic game developed by dedicated Beurop team that working on different digital products for start-up and business promotion, educational and staking platforms and other products aimed to help users to get crypto knowledge or/and earn money.

Grow you beats: 3 different types - bronze, silver and gold.
Merge your dragons to improve their skills.
Send them to hunt - you will get money from staking.
Win weekly and monthly tournaments and earn LOAG token or/and BUSD.

When you gain enough you can sell your Bests on NFT Marketplace.

The game has an affiliate program. Invite people and earn money. Your LOAG token rewards come directly to your wallet and you can sell them on PCS

Play to Earn Model
New players need to buy a Beast on Marketplace to start playing game.

NFT Support:Yes

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