Legends of Ludo

Legends of Ludo

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Legends of Ludo is a turn-based real-time strategy game built from the ground up for Web 3.0

Experience the thrill of real-time strategy along with a sustainable & predictable game economy as you assemble your army of warriors across four realms & stake your claim to victory. This is Ludo like you have never experienced before!

• Free to Play & Play to Own
• Sustainable, predictable, & value-driven game economy
• Assemble your army of warriors across four realms
• Engage in deeply strategic online multiplayer battles
• Level up your warriors & unlock new powers in an RPG-like upgrade system
• Use your skills & carve your path to the top of the Leaderboard
• Recruit & bond existing warriors to make super-powerful new warriors
• Be a part of a friendly global community
• Buy, sell, & trade NFTs with players from around the world
• Participate in an RTS gameplay that is easy to understand, difficult to master


Just play the game and forget about the Web3 complexities. Transferring your rewards in and out of the game has never been so simple! Deposit, swap, & withdraw with complete confidence.

NFT Support:Yes

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