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The Journey of Phanes is an immersive storytelling experience that takes place in the fantasy world of Phanes. Set in the past where Phanes faced its initial destruction, players will play as a nameless hero on a mission to save their family!

Beyond mainland Phanes, past the icy straits, the Dulkhan Mountains rise. Brutal crags piercing the sky, they stand like frost-bitten teeth against the horizon, a testament to nature's raw power and majesty.

Now largely silent, these mountains whisper tales of ancient times. They are believed to cradle the secrets of Phanes' first people, their legacy etched into the very stone and snow

Beneath layers of snow lie the skeletal remains of once-thriving seaports. Frozen in time, trade vessels sealed within the ice tell tales of a flourishing mercantile society, a vibrant civilization now lost to the chronicles of time.

Are you ready to explore the enigmatic mountains? To uncover the stories buried beneath the ice, and to hear the whispers of ancient souls? The journey to Dulkhan awaits in JOP. Will you brave the frost to discover its secrets?

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