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MechCraft is a Sci-Fi fantasy tower defense game where you assemble your own defenders to defeat incoming threat.

Battle galaxy and earn rare treasures useful for upgrading your Mech Units

Arena Battle
Become a legend through intense PvP arena Battles! Join open tournaments for real money prizes

Unique Combination
Mix and match units to create the ultimate team.

Simply connect to your wallet and select the reward you wish to claim. Use it to level up your squad!

The ultimate universe of MechCraft
With the advent of NFTs in Blockchain converged with the gaming sector which bring most intrinsic values to the digital collectible card game, especially incorporated with play-to-earn mechanism.

MechCraft will launch series of creative Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) collectible card game that are built on Anistic Network which is a Ethereum sidechain. It is to utilize Anistic Network’s scalability and solves high Ethereum gas fees. Mech coins will be used as network fees.

MechCraft emphasize on game craft borderless way of crafting unique ERC Standard NFTs, which come along with unique infrastructure that combine DeFi, gaming and NFTs for greater synergy in creating values.

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