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CryptoGodz is a Dota2 - inspired P2E NFT universe where anyone has the capability to earn tokens while playing and contributing to the game's ecosystem. Players can own CryptoGodz' Sentz (non-fungible 3d characters) to play combat, morph, hone, collect and build an army of valuable crypto assets.

Players can earn by:
- Unlocking Ancient Stones and get a chance of receiving high rarity Sentz.
- Playing combat to Slay Umbras and fight Sentz Duels in return earning Cryptocurrency tokens as game rewards.
- Opening Treasure Chests to receive Ancient Stones, Godz Tokens, and Sentz' Items.
- Selling Treasure Chests rewards in the marketplace.
- Collecting and speculating on rare Sentz such as Crystal, Shadow and Holy Sentz.
- Farming Godz Tokens and Trinity Keys which are required in acquiring Treasure Chests. The Godz Tokens is a cryptocurrency token and can be sold on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.
- Players can earn our token: "Godz Tokens", which holds part of the game and players holding Godz Token will be part owner of the game, thus will receive generous game incentives.

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