Mining Maze

Mining Maze

Profile Updated: Jul 24, 2023 Beta
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Today, our happy animal friends are embarking on another adventure. The reason? They've stumbled upon a treasure map!~

Embark on a thrilling journey with animal companions in Mining Maze, mastering mazes, discovering riches, and unlocking the mysteries within!

Our game stands out with a delightful blend of maze puzzles and adventure, as our happy animal friends embark on a treasure hunt. With easy controls and various difficulty levels, players can immerse themselves in engaging maze challenges while strengthening their abilities through upgrades and defeating monsters with acquired weapons. The upcoming updates will introduce thrilling features like daily time attack competitions and real-time PvP battles, adding a competitive edge to the fun-filled gameplay.

Game Instructions

* Move to your desired location by dragging the screen
* Strengthen your abilities through upgrades
* Defeat monsters by acquiring weapons first
* Utilize items for faster maze clearing
* Earn more stars by clearing the maze within the time limit

NFT Support:No

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