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Momoguro is set in a fantastical world where creatures use the magical power of Momoguro energy to fuse together, forming powerful organic mechas called Momobeasts.

It is a world of collaboration and community where the characters come together to fight those that try to divide them.

The Digital Collectible RPG narrative is told through eighty unique story quests, spanning sixteen chapters. Each quest kicks off with an **opening dialogue beat** and concludes with a **closing dialogue beat**.

The conclusion of each closing dialogue beat unlocks the next story quest. Story quests must be completed in order.

Throughout the story, players will encounter a **Milestone Decision**, a moment when they must choose between two different Holoself dialogue options. These decisions will impact the relationships the Holoself forms with a number of NPCs, and will affect how that Holoself is treated and perceived by these characters as the narrative moves forward.

As players progress through each story chapter, they will unlock a number of side quests. Some side quests have specific Holoself and Momo requirements, including level, class, and ability. Side quests do not hinder player progress through story quests.

Players can also take on daily bounty quests to earn Momo gold and increase the stats of their Holoself avatar and Momos

As a rookie Holoself, players are tasked with quotidian quests that help Momoguro society run smoothly. From finding lost Momos to mastering magic spells, or even busting a notorious crime ring in Crystal Heights. There are a wide range of bounty quests in Legends of Uno

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