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Moonshot Voyage

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Moonshot Voyage is an upcoming launch title on the SMI Play platform. It's a top-down looter shooter game with a play-to-earn system based on SMI Play Token Items.
Take a role of a space bounty hunter and traverse an unknown galaxy after being sucked into a black hole while trying to find a legendary spaceship - the Moonshot. It won't be an easy task though...
Fight aliens, monsters, ghosts and other deadly creatures along the way to reach the Moonshot and all its secrets.

Your spaceship is your hub, where you can prepare your character for an expedition, check your mail, craft items, view your resources, upgrade your weapons and characters etc. There are many different ships available as Token Items which you can customize using furniture items.

To start an expedition you need to select a character and a destination area. You will then enter an expedition mode. During the expedition you can freely control your character in a top-down view. The goal of an expedition is to explore the area, gather resources, find loot and defeat enemies. Expeditions are the main source of upgrade materials you need for bettering your character and weapons.
There is a very small chance of receiving Token Items during expeditions as random drops, even the rare ones.
You can enter expeditions freely at any time if you have a healthy character and a weapon.

Raids are similar to expeditions, but are slightly longer, harder and end with a boss fight. Raid bosses have a 100% chance to drop a Token Item.
Each raid boss has a set list of available item drops which you can view before starting a raid.
You are limited to 1 raid per day, with some exceptions (like limited-time events or if given a free raid pass).

Intergalactic Space Station
The ISS is a hub where players can interact with each other, have a chat with friends, use the marketplace or view the leaderboards.

NFT Support:Yes

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