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MU of Heroes is an RPG game with idle features where you can unlock and summon powerful heroes, fight together, earn your prizes and meet new friends.

Relive the memories of classic MU games, awake yourself, and join the battle. Summon powerful heroes and assemble an unbeatable team of heroes to challenge and fight other players in order to become the ultimate gamer and strategist, and earn WOL & KEN.

Players set up their formation before going to fight (battle).
When using tickets to enter the gate, the player can choose an opponent based on the opponent list randomly arranged in the game. (Opponent list shows 3-5 different users with basic information: Hero's illustration, level, and win rate (this ratio is based on power, not taking into account the hero's system factor).

Players rely on the counter attribute and other ability parameters of the formation to choose a suitable opponent. In case the player does not want to go to fight with random opponents in the opponent list, the player can use xKEN to refresh this list to increase the chances of winning.

An Arena match will have a duration of 3 minutes.
Players can use support items during the battle. These items are purchased outside the game lobby with WOL.

The last remaining hero is the winner.

For each won battle, the player is credited with xLeague Rewards Points. These points are used to rank players in the Battle Arena. This ranking is summarized every weekend, month, quarter, year. Players in the top 10 of the rankings in each week, month, quarter, and year will receive a special reward of xWOL from

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